Magickal Dance of the Waxing Moon Goddess, Lady of the Lake,

MAriska MA Veepilaikaliyamma
Beside a busy road, there exists a magickal place. While entering, it feels like stepping into a different world. Suddenly, the noisy road seems to disappear. The Lady of the Lake is dancing with silver light of the Waxing Moon Goddess, the Night Goddess, the Neem Tree Goddesses and the Earth-Goddess. The artwork invites you to leave the stress and hectic behind and take time for a visual meditation adventure. What noises are disturbing you in your daily life? What situations are leaving you exhausted? It is time to walk away and take back your power. Step in a different place where those noises cannot reach you anymore. It is a time of growing and healing. You will re-discover your inner strength and your emotional stability. The waxing Moon Goddess, Night Goddess, Neem Tree Goddesses and Earth Goddess guide you on this journey and reveal to you secret messages you need at the moment. Look at the artwork and be open for sudden insights! For my artworks, I only use self-made natural c
$ 5900.00
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