Spiral Dance Of The Earth-Goddess

MAriska MA Veepilaikaliyamma
For celebrating Earth Day, I created this artwork symbolising the eternal spiral dance of the Earth-Goddess. Just think about the life span of the Earth-Goddess and the first appearance of human beings. A huge difference! Nevertheless, many human beings (not all, some kind of hope) think they are the most important species and they are entitled to exploit, pollute the resources. They created a huge imbalance. The Earth-Goddess will survive; it is a question – what will happen to human beings if a majority continues like that? Therefore, it is quite important to re-connect to the Earth- and Nature-Goddesses – Mother Earth and Nature, respect and honour them. Finally, they will decide if human beings will continue to survive. Everybody can do something. You do not have to organise huge demonstrations or an organisation. It is much more beneficial if every person changes their attitudes.
Try it!

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