Dance of healing trance

MAriska MA Veepilaikaliyamma
Embark on a shamanic journey and let the Neem Tree Goddess, Datura Goddess and Full Moon Goddess guide you. Full Moon 28-03-2021 – the Full Moon Gate of Healing asks me to walk through it to progress a step further on my eco-spiritual journey, a life-long adventure. The fragrance of the flowering Neem Tree Goddess and the energies of the Datura Goddess support to enter in a trance-like state. Beyond the normal consciousness, one can enter in a different world where one experiences endless possibilities of healing and transformation. The energies of the Full Moon Light, the flowering Neem Tree Goddess and Datura Goddess flow to the areas of one’s life where healing is needed at a particular moment. Further, the Goddesses invite you to a celebration, dance, play a drum and enjoy your life. So, you can raise your vibration and start experiencing positive experiences in all areas of your life. If you need guidance and help on this journey, this painting offers you a profound energy healing
Try it!

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