The Captivating Cage 美麗的籠

Ting Yiu Leung 丁耀良
Mobile Photography 手機組 Merit 佳作 What is freedom? What is being trapped? A cage, however captivating, is nothing but a cage. Some say in life there are various forms of limitations of different degrees, like cages. This photograph shows a family that appeared to be inside a captivating cage, but the reality is that they were just passing by outside the cage but not being trapped. Do you feel as if living in a cage? Or is it just an illusion? Our life is short, so perhaps the cage is only ideological. 什麼是自由?什麼是被困?一個籠再美麗也只是一個籠。有人說人生中有著大大小小不同形式的規限,好像生命的一個個籠。這相片中有一家人好像在美麗的籠內, 但事實上,他們只是在籠外經過,沒有真的被困。你是否感覺自己像活在一個籠中?還是只是一個錯覺?因為我們都是生命的過客,或許籠根本只是存在於我們思想中。
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