The Electrifying Night 雷電交織

Huang Suirong 黃穗荣
City 城市組 Merit 佳作 Amidst the deafening roars and electrifying flashes, the lens captures a breathtaking moment. The stark juxtaposition between the tranquil homes and the raw power of nature is awe-inspiring. This frame captures nature's awe and our place in the universe. 在震耳欲聾的雷聲與電光閃爍交相輝映,鏡頭捕捉到了一個令人嘆為觀止的瞬間。寧靜的家園與大自然力量形成鮮明對比,令人驚嘆不已。這照片凝聚了大自然的威嚴,突顯我們在宇宙中微不足道的存在
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