Glimmers of Hope 靈光乍現

Lam Cheuk Hin Stanley 林焯顯
Historic Architecture 歷史建築組 Merit 佳作 Before my every exam when I was young, the elders in my family would ask my mother to visit the Man Mo Temple for blessings from the Gods of Literature and War on my academic performance. Today, the Man Mo Temple is still full of worshippers, with many large hanging incense coils attracting visitors who come to pay their respects. 小時候每逢考試前夕,家中長輩都吩咐母親去一趟文武廟,以祈求文昌帝君為我帶來理想學業成績。時至今日,文武廟依舊香火鼎盛,廟內長期燃起多個巨型塔香,吸引不少遊客前往參觀參拜。
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