Don’t Look Down. Zion National Park, Utah.

Matt Hagen
Pictured is the cusp between Life and Death on one of the World’s most renowned hikes, Angel’s Landing, Zion National Park. Along our ascent of the 5790 foot tall, knife edge rock formation no wider than a few feet in some areas with drops as far as 1000 feet, I was pushed back to the Ledge in a bottle neck in order to make way for a large group of unprepared hikers, fleeing from the heights back to the start of the trail. Inches from the Edge, the effectiveness of the new permit system was immediately in question. The fame of Angel’s Landing insights a familiar problem known by the National Parks System, overcrowding, leading to the deaths of 13 poor Souls from falls along this trail. The Landscape collection aims to convey the sights and feelings of places at home and around the globe through the lens of the intrepid, curious and open-minded. Images displaying compelling places through a digital photography medium.
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