Underfalls Yard, Bristol

Pete Newell
Art Makers
Underfalls Yard is at the western end of Bristol’s Dock basin. An area of quays, Jetties, boats in all forms of repair, some chocked up on land. This painting was made from drawings that I did looking into one of the large sheds where several boats were under repair. I was fascinated by the challenge of perspective and textures provided by the myriad of equipment and materials. From the drawings I moved objects around in the composition to present a tighter series of relationships. There were people working in the shed, I excluded them as I feel that if my paintings include people, they become the focus for the viewer, not the whole composition. I do not avoid people for technical reasons, I worked as a figurative sculptor for twenty years. Underfalls Yard Bristol close up 1 This view is the far end of the boat workshop, all the tins, timber, ladders, shelving form a busy backdrop to the main components of the painting.
£ 2000.00
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