More Day to Dawn

Acrylic and Pumice on Canvas I wanted to create a new work for the exhibition that was quiet, filled with love, solace, and hope. Bob had shared a poem he wrote written after a period of sadness inspired by the closing words of Thoreau’s Walden. This was the inspiration for this piece, and as I slowly worked on this painting adding intricate layered details and also repainting and repainting sections, I thought a lot about Marianne and Bob and the special place they would visit together and that Bob has continued to return to. I wanted to make a painting that unfolded over time the more you look. The variation in details, textures, and colors are best experienced in person. My use of repetitive marks and small details can be a meditative process for me, and is an attempt to encourage slow looking in the viewer. It is a gesture towards being present and a gentle reminder to really pay attention — especially when in nature as it so often holds the answers when you need them the most!
Try it!

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