The Touch of Wind and Light

Oil, Pastel, and Colored Pencil on Gessoed Paper This new work seeks to communicate the experience of a body in contact/enmeshment/intimacy with the medium of light, especially as from beneath a canopy of trees. I wrote a poem to accompany the piece, which also speaks to this experience, and specifically to a sense of light moving through and becoming a part of one's own body or presence. "The Touch of Wind and Light" Light blooms and falls, hanging in tongues around my ankles, warm and fleshy as the flews of a dog. It gathers itself in eggs along the trail, where the leaves above —thousands of tiny scythes have sliced it into fluttering arcs. An avalanche, a steep slope of sun inside my body slumps into that tiny space behind the heart, no bigger than a fingertip. The coin- sized dwelling shared by love and sadness. Whorls of glimmering fishes, schooling spears of light under the skin—and I make all I need to nourish myself with waves and radiation.
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