Cicada Life Cycle

Ray Besserdin
Work on paper
Originally created for reproduction by Australian Geographic Magazine.The art depicts the life cycle of Australia's most recognized cicada Cyclochila australasiae, or as it is known by its common names, the Green Monday Cicada or the Greengrocer. Bronze Winner, Dimensional Awards, New York, USA. Entirely sculptured from Arches (France) 310gsm cotton hot-pressed mould-made papers with a variety of handmade Hemp, Flax and Kozo and Kozo (Mulberry) papers. Insect bodies are sculptured in calendared, hot-pressed stock to give the realistic shine.The bark is of varying thickness coloured Hemp and Flax papers on an amature of the sculptured cotton stocks creating the tree forms. The wings are of transparent Glassine Paper, as used in archival storage interleafing. Colours are mostly acrylic inks applied by airbrush.
$ 4500.00
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