Portrait of Don Burrows - Australian Jazz Woodwind Legend

Ray Besserdin
During a break in a live performance by Don Burrows, I approached him backstage to ask if he would kindly allow me reference poses from which to create his portrait. He humbly agreed. In 2019 the time was suitable to sculpt that piece in his honour. Sadly, since then he left our earthly presence. It left me so glad I produced this work commemorating who I think was Australia’s greatest ever woodwind jazz artist. Created in my “Impressionist Sculptured Paper” style, named so for my desire to capture life and expression, while clearly revealing the nature of the delicate papers.Based on a foundation of Arches 300gsm hot-pressed French cotton and German cold-pressed cotton papers, worked over in a variety of ink and dye tinted Asian Mulberry and Hemp papers, some as light as 4gsm, on the hair.
$ 2200.00
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