Tuncanbar - Original Artwork

Eleanor Ogston
Acrylic Paint
Join me in a walk to the inlet, hear the sigh of the waves lapping at the water’s edge. The mangrove juniors emerging, surviving, thriving. Looking from above, the bend in the creek, a deep patch where fish hide, play and feed. A huddle of trees, hardy to the elements and home to a host of land and sea creatures. For a fleeting moment we can experience a stillness that conceals the tides of change. Up until European settlement, Tin Can Bay, a beautiful coastal village in the Great Sandy Straits was known by aboriginals as Tuncunba or Tuncanbar, meaning a place of dugong or ‘plenty of tucker’. This area of the Wide Bay coastline is relatively under-developed, with pristine waterways surrounded by national parks and conservation zones. After a holiday here in September 2001 I wanted to capture the essence of this graceful, majestic landscape. Tuncunba is part of my Australian Nature Unbound series which seeks to highlight the complexity and beauty of our natural environment.
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