Wild Wheat and Red Wing Black Birds

Deborah Chapin.
The Dancing Wild Wheat and Red Wing Black Birds was a favorite subject. The birds would bob about on the stalks of wheat eagerly feasting on the wheat seeds. Then en masse rise together and swoop around then all land in a new location. What was fun to listen too was the cackling of the birds in the field sometimes you couldn’t see a one if they were on the ground but you knew they were there. The original is 16×24 plein air oil painting. The “Wild Wheat and Red Wing Black Birds” is part of the Chesapeake Plein air Series. To Purchase you can contact me directly through the inquire button for more info or an invoice or layaway plan. Be sure to see the book on my Amazon Book Earth Sea and Sky https://amazon.com/author/deborahchapin with background stories and histories of pieces and other collectors.
$ 5500.00
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