Moonset at Pemaquid

Deborah Chapin
Harbor Scene painted at dawn. "Moonset at Pemaquid" by Deborah Chapin is an original oil painting on linen canvas 12x16, Maine art, Pemaquid Harbor Maine, marine art, marine artist About the Process of creating Original art:  I like to paint several smaller paintings, working myself up to larger work, as I learn the subject matter.  Gradually developing a portfolio which expresses the full character of the place.   Pemaquid Point is no different to than one of my favorite haunts in France.  It must be explored and appreciated and allowed to seep in at it's own pace.  I think deeply and like to delve into the nature of the place,  learning the nooks and crannies and developing a deep appreciation of its beauty.   Instant gratification is not my thing.  I have never been someone who thought a cursory look at someplace even counted as having seen something.   This series of plein air and studio paintings are new work added to an already extensive portfolio of 40 years of art.  
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