Fish Farmers 漁塘人家

Peter Sung 宋彼得
Landscape 風景組 Merit 佳作 After the fish farmers drained and dried the fish ponds, peculiar circular patterns created by the spawning of carp appeared on the pond's floor. The cracked texture, reminiscent of the surface of extraterrestrial planets, evoked a sense of intrigue and wonder. The warm glow of the setting sun and the lights from the fish farmers' blue house, together with the reflection of the remaining water puddles, created a picturesque setting. 養魚戶「曬塘」後,魚塘底部的一圈圈,鯽魚產卵時形成的外型奇特。 乾枯呈現龜裂紋理,好似外太空星球表面,產生一種異星感!殘存的水窪與夕陽餘暉,和養魚戶籃屋燈亮起,盈盈燈光配漁塘的倒映,構成一幅美麗圖像。
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