Preparing for the Feast 餐前準備

Liu Wai Lun 廖偉倫
Wildlife 生態組 1st Runner Up 亞軍 To kingfishers, the fiddler crab is a delicacy. They observe from trees and dive down swiftly at their prey, snatching it with their long, dagger-like bill back to a branch. Without teeth, they first strike the crab against a branch as prepearation before the meal, and then swallow it whole. 招潮蟹對於藍翡翠來說,是一道美食。藍翡翠會於樹上觀察,選定獵物便高速俯衝而下,用大嘴捕捉,並會帶回樹枝上進食。由於沒有牙齒的關係,需要進行餐前準備,先將蟹於樹枝敲打,然後整隻吞食。
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