Military camp with horses

Philip Wouvermans
Romijn Art
A rare but very good print. Smooth vertical centre fold. Remains of tipping on a collection page with the corners on the back. Handmade paper with good and early watermark. A military camp with a horse at a trough filled with hay and a cavalryman seen from behind holding a tankard; at right a group of soldiers relax together one drums another pipes and a couple dance; proof before letter; after Philips Wouwerman Engraving and etching. Hollstein 28 Beautiful large landscape etching with great atmosphere of the golden age. Inventor: PHILIP WOUVERMANS. (1620-1668) Was the painter par/ excellence of chateaux and huntsmen of battles of the exercises and amusements of the old-time nobility who liked to pass their time in the saddle at the chase or in the armoury and to whom the whole duty of life consisted in drinking largely sleeping but little; in knowing and following the footing of the deer; in being a good shot being able to put a horse on his mettle and in giving and receiving hard blows in battle. Strong and healthy they led a happy animal existence. They had their hunting dogs for the chase.
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