Harmony in Contrasts

André Romijn
Romijn Art
It is a great pleasure to let you know that I'll be one of the selected artists participating in the prestigious XIV Florence Biennale which will take place from 14 untill 22 October 2023 Fortezza da Basso in Florence (Italy). The theme 'I AM YOU' will focus on the concepts of individual and collective identities in their multiple philosophical psychological sociological and cultural meanings. This painting will be one of my exhibited works. Harmony in Contrasts: A Journey of Contemplation In the grand interplay of colour form and emotion the oil painting that commands our attention is a masterpiece of nuanced contrasts and vivid symbolism. At 125 cm in height and 75 cm in width this canvas becomes a gateway into a world of contemplation and intrigue a world anchored by the mesmerizing presence of a beautiful woman in a rich red evening dress. With her eyes gently closed she stands in poised repose her hands resting gracefully upon her back. Her form emanates a quiet elegance an embodiment of grace that is mirrored in her vibrant attire. The sumptuous red dress drapes against her figure a manifestation of opulence and allure. As it converges with the verdant green backdrop the tran
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