A Boy and a Girl in the Dunes

Jozef Israëls
Romijn Art
Photogravure after a painting by Jozef Israëls titled 'A boy and a girl on a dune top' (ca. 1880 painting at Rijksmuseum The Netherlands SK-A-2604). This impressive photogravure is marked with numer 31 as part of the original portfolio with 50 photogravures of world-famous paintings by Jozef Israëls published by Gebr. E.M. Cohen Amsterdam and printed by Meissenbach & Riffarth Berlin in 1904. A boy and a girl on a dune top. The boy is stretched out on the floor the girl is sitting and knitting. In the distance the sea on the left a fishing boat. Photogravure is the term for a photomechanical process of printmaking in which a photographic image is transferred to a metal plate that is then printed in intaglio. Paper produced especially for this publication is watermarked "Jozef Israëls/ Uitgave van Gebrs. E & M Cohen/ Van Gelder Zonen". The publishing house was established by members of Dutch bookselling and publishing dynasty initially based in Arnhem and Nijmegen. The family was Jewish and the firm was liquidated following the rise of Nazism. Handmade frame to fit this unique work of art. As standard in our Gallery this is the framed with special anti-reflective and virtually inv
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