Fairytale Kitchen - In the Time of Witches

Laura Krusemark
This unique graphite illustration is part of a series of 3 artworks featuring drawings based upon fairytale stories from many different parts of the world. These were created from 2021-2022 as part of my work with the Anima Mundi School in The Netherlands. Each Spring and Autumn, the founder hosts what is called the “Fairytale Kitchen” featuring a storyteller, a Jungian psychoanalyst, and myself as the illustrator along with a series of 2-3 fairytales from around the world.. The imagery featured in these 3 different drawings come from tales of Persian, Indian, Native American, Italian, and other cultures. The process of creating this is what is quite unique in that I had no idea of what I would be drawing since I wasn’t familiar with the story, how to create the composition, or what would come next, as I drew along with the story being told. It was a very intuitive process where the images started to create their own patterns and connections within the drawing. Creating in this
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