Divine Love and Abundance

Laura Krusemark
Oil Paint
[SOLD] Available on Print only In my painting "Divine Love and Abundance", I sought to embody the divine love between the Hindu deities Vishnu and Lakshmi. I used a vibrant palette of radiant gold, apricot, delicate pink, cream, and vibrant blue, not only to depict the figures, but also to convey the sacred connection they share. Adorned with gold leaf, the deities' jewels and crowns radiate a unique richness. Golden coins fall from the sky, a clear symbol of abundance. The deep gaze and gentle gestures of Vishnu and Lakshmi bring their love to life. Enhancing their divine identity, traditional clothing and significant objects float amid the cosmos, seamlessly blending the celestial into a harmonious whole. I've also used an aura of light around Vishnu and Lakshmi to underline their beautiful connection and the gracefulness of their love, which I hope to radiate out to the viewers.
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