A Day in the Vineyards No. 1

Sascha van der Werf
Every images tells a unique story. Each limited edition print is not just a piece of paper; it is a work of art that carries with it the essence of my artistic vision and the enduring value of rarity and exclusivity. Available Options for this image: This image has a limitation of 15 (10m and 5 L + 2AP) To find out more about it please go to my website. This image is part of my series 'The Moments,' a collaborative project with my friend Ferdinand Seebacher. Through a captivating collection of photographs, the project beautifully portrays the joy and beauty found in everyday moments, emphasizing the significance of mindfulness and being fully present in our experiences. Ultimately, the project aims to inspire viewers to embrace gratitude and appreciation for the present moment, discovering happiness and fulfillment in life's simple pleasures. A part of the series is currently on exhibition at Brauneis Law in Vienna, hosted by Leica Gallery Vienna.
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