The Lights Collection

by Daniela Goulart @danigula
The Lights Collection is inspired by the threefold flame. The threefold flame is pink, gold, and blue lights which represent divine love, divine wisdom, and divine power: the source of our heart intelligence. Each artwork in this collection is composed of high vibrational subliminal messages that have a direct effect on the subconscious mind, inviting you to focus on unconditional love, divine wisdom, and spiritual power. "I am" affirmations, numeric light codes, sacred geometry, and sacred symbols are subliminally embedded into all the art pieces in the Lights Collection. The landscapes were photographed in energy vortex centers of the Earth, a.k.a. "magical" islands, while Daniela was in a high vibrational state. The images have no filters and have not been photoshopped. The artist uses a unique in-camera technique to capture, in the moment, the different hues of pink, gold, and blue, to create stunning and surreal visuals.
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