Turquoise Beach Waves

Catherine Kennedy
Turquoise Beach Waves is inspired by the coastline of South Devon and Cornwall. It shows a large wave breaking,  lit by the sun turning the water several shades of turquoise. The time of day is key here. It is midday the waves are by the strong sunlight. The highlights in the painting are mixture of pale blue with deep indigo blue in the shadows contrasting with a cerulean blue sky. The foreground shows sea-foam rising up and under the waves. With more sea foam lapping onto a pale wet sandy beach. Medium I like to work in oils because of their versatility. You can layer the paint so that it has a translucency. Also It is so robust a medium I can scrape the paint back or scratch into it too. This is another in my series of wave paintings which I started many years ago. Background Studying film and video art at the University of Plymouth has impacted on the way I paint. Creating a sense of movement and escapism in my work is important to me.
£ 650.00
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