The Call of the Steppe

Mónika Katalin Pál
Oil Paint
"The Call of the Steppe," an original oil painting that captures the beauty and spirit of the native American culture. This painting features a Native American couple, the man sitting on a horse and the woman standing in front of them, both gazing off into the distance as if the vast Steppe is calling out to them. The Call Of The Steppe is not just an oil painting; it is a spiritual symbol bound to the past and to the future. The couple is depicted as a representation of value of tradition and the importance of staying connected to one's roots It captures the essence of the couple's spiritual connection to the Steppe, a vast open plain that holds great significance in Native American culture. The abstract background of the painting adds to its unique charm, giving it a modern twist on a traditional subject. Whether you're an art collector, a native American enthusiast, or just someone who appreciates beautiful and meaningful decor, "The Call of the Steppe" is the perfect choice
$ 2300.00
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