Baby in space

Kseniya Rai
“Baby in space”, oil on canvas, 2022-Original painting, certificate of authenticity included, size 100*100 cm, unstretched, will be sent in a roll. Painting is surrealist story about unbelievable things, about space. technologies and nature. Space and technology are essential components of modern life. They have revolutionized the way people communicate, travel, and work. Space exploration has enabled us to gain a better understanding of our universe. People are also interested in the potential of space and technology to improve their lives, and to make the world a better place. ABOUT AUTOR: Kseniya Rai is a bright, young artist originally from Mariupol, Ukraine. At the moment, she lives in Northern Cyprus and this light warm motif and southern mentality could not help but be involved in her art. Artist encourages us to treat everything a little easier than we are used to and, involuntarily, to pay attention to the subtle details, thereby coloring our lives in brighter colors.
$ 650.00
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