Wilson arch. Moab, Utah

Matt Hagen
Pictured is Wilson Arch, just off highway 191 sits an incredible example of Utah's many Red Rock Arches. Carved from sandstone fins after millions of years of Erosion, the Arches are beautiful and curious geologic structures that prelude entropic demise of the stone, before long being reduced to a pile of rock. This structure is heavily frequented by the Traveler, yet seldom seen is the view from the other side of the Arch away from the highway, as it is here. Curious to be content with the standard view of such a structure and simultaneously disinclined from passing through its egress to witness views less seen. The Landscape collection aims to convey the sights and feelings of places at home and around the globe through the lens of the intrepid, curious and open-minded. Images displaying compelling places through a digital photography medium.
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