Naval Row 2023 lo res

Frank Creber
NAVAL ROW 2023 The painting began as a drawing made on location at Naval Row a street in London E14, it is a location I like to draw at because it has a lot of interest, the O2 arena can be seen from here, the docklands light railway runs on stilts not so far away, the Naval Row street itself has a beautiful row of London Plain trees lining an upper level walkway. There is a second location on the right hand end of the painting, here an underpass road rises up towards the horizon with Balfron Tower dominating the horizon. My painting features a group of people taking part in everyday life, I wanted the figures and the whole painting to be dreamlike. There is a busker with a fiddle, and another musician on a bike; live music on the street animates the space and I wanted the painting to be alive with the idea of a community coming out into the public space, individuals bringing out their children, their arguments and their dreams - an imaginary 'community theatre event'.
£ 3000.00
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