Hail Mary. Glencoe, Scotland.

Matt Hagen
Pictured is a rosary, the aid used by Catholics to pray through the intercession of Mary is left hanging from a fence post along a rural, desolate road in Glencoe, Scotland. Hardly an object could be imagined that would be less likely to be found, than a rosary inscribed with the word, Medugorje. Medugorje is a small town some 1800 miles away in Bosnia, where the Virgin Mary, Mother of God appeared to the faithful on Apparition Hill in 1981, and where aparitions continue to be reported to this day. Perhaps its lender intended to honor the location, a memory, after completing their pilgrimage to the Holy site, or maybe bless a fellow wonderer that they may find what they are looking for in Christ. The Landscape collection aims to convey the sights and feelings of places at home and around the globe through the lens of the intrepid, curious and open-minded. Images displaying compelling places through a digital photography medium.
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