Hope moss art_180x120

Paola Di Legge
Mixed Media
“Hope” was born in March 2020, when the world stood still and all humanity felt the same, intense feelings of being part of something bigger. The natural energies affected everybody's lives at the same time, life forces diverging towards the same goal, the permanent connection of humans to their innate natural being. This unique design has to be looked at from different perspectives. The strong combination of textures and colors creates a particular interest from a close-up point of view as well as from a distance, a reminder to always look at things from different perspectives. This unique design is a multi-award winner! - Finalist Award in "5th COLOR" International Juried Art Competition" by Teravarna art gallery of Los Angeles (March 2023) - Finalist Award in "Shades of Green 2023" and "Best in Medium" by Camelback Gallery, Scottsdale, Arizona (April and July 2023) Made to order in different sizes. Send inquiries to info@ninfastudio.com
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