Standing at the Pool of Creation

John Guthrie
Oil Paint
Long ago the beings that now inhabit the earth lived above the sky vault. It had become crowded and the Great Spirit saw that he must make a place for all the animals, birds and people to live. He created our world for everyone to share. At first the world was covered with water and the Raven flew all around the world to find a place for the people and creatures to live but could not find a place. The Water Beetle said " I will make a place for us" and everyone laughed. The Water Beetle dove down in the water and brought up the mud for Turtle Island. But the the mud was barren and would not support the weight of all the beings wanting to live there. So Suli the buzzard flew down and with his majestic wings began to fan and dry the new earth that had been dredged up. As he flew his wings would touch the new ground and as his wings lifted and descended the Great Smokie Mountains with its valleys and streams was created. So now the Cherokee and all the creatures had a home to cherish
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