Melting Point

Mike Giannella
This striking encaustic painting depicts a polar bear sitting atop an iceberg, seemingly in celebration as it sips a martini wearing a bowtie in an almost comical yet eerie manner. The painting is meant to serve as a reminder to viewers around the world of the devastating effects of global warming, which threatens the survival of species such as the polar bear. It evokes feelings of both humor and sorrow; while at first glance it may appear humorous, its deeper message is ultimately that of horror and unease. The painting itself features striking details and colors that seem to mimic the real-life experience of entering a melting iceberg. The texture created by the wax is especially captivating; one can almost feel the icy chill from this unique medium. Furthermore, the sky behind the bear appears hazy, making clear reference to air pollution caused by human activity that has led to global climate change. Overall, this encaustic painting serves not only as an eye-catching work of art
$ 250.00
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