Family Portrait

Mike Giannella
This unique encaustic painting is a captivating portrait of an enigmatic greenish creature with a large eye directed directly at the viewer. Its wide, welcoming smile and protruding sharp jagged teeth suggest that it may be friendly, although one can never be sure. In the background, myriad orbs of vibrant colors – green, white, red and orange – seemingly swirl around the monster in a mesmerizingly chaotic pattern. Against this frenetic backdrop of yellow and gold hues, the figure appears both inviting and threatening at once; a fascinating juxtaposition that challenges us to look beyond appearances and consider the deeper implications of our initial judgments. The artist's skillful use of texture and color allows us to ponder further questions: Is this creature truly benevolent? What mysterious forces manipulate its environment? How will it ultimately interact with those who choose to observe it? Through cleverly crafted symbolism, this painting invites us on an exciting journey.
$ 175.00
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