Mike Giannella
Accension is an exquisite encaustic painting that paints a vivid picture of a landscape and horizon, featuring a lone silhouette at the edge of a cliff or mountain. The serene atmosphere presented in the image is punctuated by the bright colors in the sky, which blend blues, reds, and whites together to give the viewer's mind an idea of what standing at the doorway to heavenly splendor might be like. Upon further inspection, one can make out subtle movement in the sky as small dots of vibrant pigments dance amongst one another. If you look closely enough, there appears to be a butterfly fluttering its way towards this ethereal passage. The overall atmosphere of Accension is calming yet exhilarating all at once; it’s almost as if one can feel their soul being drawn up towards this gateway to eternal light. With each swirl of color and every glimmering speck making its way across this majestic painting, it’s no wonder that it captures so many viewers with its beauty. Even if one were
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