In The Shadows Their Is Always Light

Mike Giannella
The captivating abstract encaustic painting presents an alluring imaginary world filled with darkness and despair, yet a glimmer of hope is seen peeking through in the form of warm beams of orange and yellow light stretching outwards from the horizon. This artwork is created using an technique known as encaustic wax painting, where melted beeswax and colored pigments are applied to a surface layer by layer. As the eye travels across this piece, one can appreciate the intricate textures that have been achieved by layering different types of wax, such as the bright yellow portion which adds a level of realism and depth to it. Additionally, deep blues combined with white highlights create an impression reminiscent of water or an ocean just on the brink of sunrise, providing a serene backdrop for its ethereal beauty. Even in its darkness, this painting serves as a reminder that no matter how daunting things may seem at first glance, there will always be a light guiding us forward.
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