Tango Dreams

Mike Giannella
Mixed Media
Tango is an encaustic painting that captures the energy of a dreamlike memory of dancing the tango. The background is bursting with vibrant hues of red, orange and yellow that exude warmth and lend to the atmosphere. In the forefront are two dancers in perfect synchronicity, executing the tango with masterful precision. The woman's posture conveys a feeling of emotion - arms stretched outwards as if in surrender, while her male partner holds her carefully in place. This painting provides a glimpse into a moment frozen in time, movement captured by swirls of cloudy white smoke at floor level. As you gaze at this piece, it's almost as if you can feel the rhythm and can hear the music that accompanies their dancing feet. You can almost imagine yourself joining them on the dancefloor, swept away by the passion they convey through their embrace. The romance and drama in this painting are tangible - every color and line evokes another feeling as if it were alive on its own terms. Each brush
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