Mike Giannella
The horizon is a magnificent sight to behold, with the sun setting in the distance and vast stretches of land spread out before it. The sky is a myriad of colors - reds, oranges, yellows and golds all blending together in a kaleidoscope of beauty. As the hues move across the sky, they cast their shadows on the landscape below - mountains, hills and plains are illuminated by their warmth, providing an ethereal backdrop for the fading light. The clouds glimmer in silver-white as they drift across the heavens, providing another layer of unique beauty to behold. As our eyes adjust to the darkness we can make out more details in this breathtaking landscape – trees outlined against an off white sky or far off towns glowing along distant ridges. The artist draws lines in red and yellow wax to create a beautiful landscape of the horizon. The vibrant colors add to the sense of awe, as they contrast and combine with the warm hues of the sky.
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