Mike Giannella
An abstracted painting of a robotic feline-like creature acting as a bartender mixing a martini brings a fascinatingly unexpected and mysterious ambiance to any art collection. The encaustic painting is filled with bright yellows and light blues in the background while the robot cat stands out starkly in its white hue. It blends both organic and mechanical elements, creating an interesting juxtaposition. The robotic figure has been carefully crafted to incorporate features reminiscent of a cat's physicality, with pointed ears that twist backward, and large yellowish green eyes made from glass panels that sparkle like gems when light catches them just right. Its body is composed of silver plating covering metal joints, giving it an almost alien-like appearance as it leans over the bar preparing its drink. The martini glass is frosted with liquid nitrogen while the robot stirs two different tonics together with with his paw - creating swirls of yellow and reds in the otherwise clear li
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