Open Fields

Mike Giannella
An encaustic painting of a striking greyish brown horse, its mane and tail streaming in the wind as it trots down an abstracted version of a hill, features the wide expanse of an open field. The sky is painted in tones of grey, blue, and touches of green that seem to burst from within the clouds. The field is dotted with patches of vibrant wildflowers that sway in time with the horse’s movements. Sunlight filters through the clouds, illuminating the grassy hillside with a gentle warmth. The horse’s eye is filled with determination as it strides towards its destination, with an aura of courage and strength radiating from every brushstroke. The painting captures a moment in time amidst nature’s beauty—the perfect balance between power and grace. Its unique style adds a layer of abstraction to the scene, allowing viewers to imagine their own story within the open fields depicted in this stunning artwork.
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