Mike Giannella
"Boundaries" is an abstract hot wax painting (encaustic) piece that explores the idea of boundaries, both physical and emotional. People thrive best when they know the boundaries of their world, it brings a sense of comfort and safety. However, too many boundaries and one can feel restricted, imprisoned. One persons comforting border is another persons edge of a cage. The pink, yellow and brown marks in the hot wax painting on one hand illustrate a sort of fence, or boundary that provides a safety net; on the other hand it could be seen as scratch marks, from someone trying to free themselves. A figure can almost be seen in forming in the center, are they free within their boundary, or struggling to be free from it? Placement recommendation: This piece would be perfect in a home study or office. It would give any space a burst of energy or be a wonderful talking point at your next dinner party.
Try it!

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