Autumn Reflections

Mike Giannella
“Autumn Reflections” is an abstract landscape painting made with an encaustic mixed media technique. This piece captures the feel of the beginnings of Autumn at the lake. Ruddy reds highlight at turquoise blue background. Shimmers of white reflect off of the waters surface as hints of green peer out by the water’s edge. You can almost see a forest refracting along the waters edge, with green underbrush and maple trees whose leaves are turning. This painting brings long autumn walks with warm beverages to life. A stunning autumnal piece that is sure to bring the magic and serenity of nature indoors. Placement recommendation: This piece with its delightful array of late summer autumn colors would make a marvelous addition to any room in your home or office. Whether it be the focal point of your foyer or a calming scene in your personal office this piece is sure to delight.
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