Astro Chimp

Mike Giannella
“Astro Chimp” is an encaustic, hot wax painting that explores the inner child of the artist. A playful piece that embodies those child like qualities of imaginative adventures into realities unknown. A delightfully textured piece that has white wax melted upon black, creating a beautiful stippled texture, with the smooth surface of the chimp’s pleasant faced. As you view the piece, your imagination can wander and a story may unfold. How did the monkey get there? Is the monkey alone? Where will he explore? How will he get home? Let your mind wander through this curious apes adventure with this joyfully adorable piece. Placement recommendation: This piece would make an excellent addition to your home office or any space that you create in. Also perfect for a child’s room or nursery to encourage creativity and imagination.
Try it!

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