Taru Rouhiainen Bio

Taru Rouhiainen
Taru Rouhiainen started painting after a career crisis in 2020. and since then, she has taken various art courses and is currently studying in art school. Taru has had many exhibitions in galleries like The Holy Art in London, Capital Culture House in Madrid and M.A.D.S gallery in Milan. In 2021 she was also featured in a cultural book Art Anthology IV curated by Guto Ajayu in Madrid. I create artwork that is meant to be a moment of inspiration and joy. My process is intuitive, I start with using bold colors and let my feelings guide me from there. I love the colors magenta and turquoise, and metallic paints. Bright and beautiful colors make me happy. My way of using contrasting details and multiple layers add texture that is unique to my artwork. With my artwork I want to convey the message that we all need to love ourselves, take care of ourselves and appreciate life! Everything happens for a reason and we should just travel within life`s current and trust.
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