Unlimited Possibilites

E. Alana James
Alana had this image develop in her mind as she meditated on a Sanskrit mantra, the equivalent of Unlimited Possibilities. Perhaps the verdant jungle best portrays that on our earthly landscape? In this case, that moment in time is juxtaposed on an image from the Webb telescope - thus adding the potential of space to the equation. How does Alana work with digital collage? The process involves taking and curating photos and collaging them using digital resizing and reformatting techniques. This generally ends up in 20+ layers to manipulate, then embellished after the collage is printed on canvas. She frequently uses glitter, heavily varnished to add shine to the bubbles without shedding which adds a layer of texture and depth to the finished work which will not show in the digital representation of it. Every digital collage is available personally signed, in a limited edition of ten.
£ 800.00
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