Baron Samedi in the Cemetery

Andre Pierre (Haitian, 1914-2005)
Unframed, unstretched, and restored 20"x16" oil on canvas painting of Baron Samedi in the cemetery to add to your art collection! The picture is in good condition, signed by the late famous Haitian master Andre Pierre. This artwork is from the private collection of Georges S. Nader and is Sold As-Is. André Pierre was the dominant artist of the second generation and is considered the spiritual heir to the legendary Hector Hyppolite. Collectors and journalists from all over the world came to visit him in the modest hut where he painted lovingly detailed portraits of the gods of the Vodou pantheon by the light of an oil lamp. His mission in life was to present Vodou as respectable and on par with all the other major religions. His pronouncements on Vodou and life generally were wise and sophisticated and often punctuated with his trademark subterranean chuckle.
$ 4750.00
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