Adam and the Sistine

Christopher Jeauhn Bayne
Adam and The Sistine is a striking and provocative artwork that takes inspiration from the original ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, which was covered with golden stars before Michelangelo’s masterpiece was painted. In this piece, the artist reimagines Adam as a person of colour, with a halo of gold and denim watercolour flowers that evoke a sense of sensuality and eroticism. Adam’s pose is dreamlike and sensual, with his head tilted in a way that suggests he is enjoying a moment of pleasure. The golden stars on his body, like tattoos, echo the stars on the original ceiling, creating a sense of continuity between past and present. Despite the upward visual flow of the artwork, towards the night sky, the viewer is drawn to look downwards, beyond the bottom of the piece, to wonder about the position of Adam’s hands. This element of mystery adds a sense of intrigue to the artwork, encouraging viewers to engage with the piece on a deeper level.
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