Clay Face

Regi Popelier
Tsavo East is about 9 times bigger than the Mara in Kenya. Despite this enormous size, the park has few camps and / or lodges and is therefore less visited. Perfect for the adventurous photographer who really wants to get away from the crowds and who creates the possibility for himself not to have seen a single vehicle during the whole day. Fantastic. Elephants in the Tsavo East Np do not differ in color from other elephants in Africa, they are pale brown to gray in origin. The red color is obtained because the soil in Tsavo East contains a large content of iron oxide. Elephants love to bathe themselves several times during the day in the mud or roll on the ground, to protect themselves from ticks, etc. Especially in the morning or in the evening when the sun rises or sets, their red color is strongly accentuated. The elephants of Tsavo East NP are relatively easy to see, but when I was there they were very scared, skittish, and very short-tempered.
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