Protect Me

Regi Popelier
Photographing in the rainforest is sometimes challenging, as little of the sunlight penetrates the canopy. Not ideal circumstances, but taking enough time is usually recommended. I wanted to photograph the orangutans in the wild, so a trip to Indonesia with destination Tanjung Putting NP, followed by 7 days Gunung Leuser NP in Sumatra were the places to go. Tanjung Puting is known for having a great diversity of forest ecosystems, including freshwater swamps and mangrove forests. It is therefore an ideal place to observe and photograph these animals in their habitat. The greatest threat to orangutans is exactly the same as it is to many other animals. About 80% of their habitat has been destroyed in the last ten years. Only a few populations of orangutans are still living in the wild. Currently, almost none of these populations are adequately managed or protected.
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