Arctic Circle

Regi Popelier
After photographing the musk oxes in Djovrefjell Norway, I decided to photograph these animals in their natural habitat on the arctic circle in Alaska. After a 10 day stay in Denali NP where I followed and photographed the moose during their rut, I took the Dalton highway with Deadhorse as final destination, hoping to find groups of musk oxes along the road. The road is 667 km long and starts at the Elliot Highway with only 3 settlements along the entire route. The Trans-Alaska Pipeline, which runs parallel to the road, is your only companion. At the center (Coldfoot settlement) I stopped to spend the night in the car after filling it with gasoline. From Coldfoot to the end of the road (Deadhorse), there are no gas or petrol stations, restaurants, rest areas or hotels – and no cellphone service whatsoever, so I bought 50 liters of petrol and put it in the trunk as a reserve.
Try it!

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